LinkedIn Professional Profile Branding

LinkedIn Professional Profile Branding

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In many ways, LinkedIn has become just as crucial as a good resume to find success in the current hiring landscape.  Hit Interview’s LinkedIn Professional Branding Service is designed to maximize your online presence and leverage this powerful social media platform.

LinkedIn currently serves over 467 million users, with two new professionals joining every second. In a recent survey of more than 1,000 human resources leaders and recruiters, 93% reported using LinkedIn to find qualified candidates. 

Hit Interview’s LinkedIn Professional Branding Service was designed from the ground up to optimize your LinkedIn profile and also give you the tools to become a successful professional networker.  

Our LinkedIn Professional Branding Service includes:

  1. Initial Consultation – During an initial one-on-one session, we discuss your background, learn more about your goals, and determine how to best position your LinkedIn profile to accelerate progress along your desired career path.

  2. Q&A Process – Based on your consultation, Hit Interview develops a customized Q&A. This process has been painstakingly refined to draw out and develop your best material, uncover vital keywords, and showcase your skills and achievements.

  3. Headline & Summary – We develop a new Headline and Summary to make your profile stand out and establish yourself professionally as a focused brand.

  4. Keyword Optimization – We realign your content to maximize keyword utilization, both from a competitive perspective and with an eye on your goals. We also take care not to overdo it, avoiding penalties for keyword spamming and taking a hit in search results.

  5. LinkedIn Training – Learn how to best utilize LinkedIn's platform and your new profile. Our training session covers strategies and tactics to steadily grow your network and influence. You walk away with the keys to steadily advance your career, rise within your organization, and capture your next role.

Select Your LinkedIn Profile Level:

  • Executive Level - Hit Interview’s LinkedIn Executive Level Service is geared to C-level, executive leadership, VPs, directors, board members, founders/co-founders, business owners, consultants, or current executive candidates.

  • Professional Level - Hit Interview’s LinkedIn Professional Level Service is for professionals currently serving at the management level and below.

Every situation is unique. If you need assistance in selecting the right profile level or the best product mix for you, please contact us for a personalized consultation.

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