Hit Interview is fortunate to work with some of the best and brightest talent across a range of industries. From the board room to the front lines, our clients make it happen each and every day. We're always inspired with feedback on your wins and how we were able to play a role in helping you along the way. Hearing about your success has always fueled us forward – here’s to your future being brighter than ever.


Mike C.  President & CEO

“Carol has created the perfect search offering for any level candidate to take full advantage of everything available today. Her background in search and recruiting allows her to help you create an outstanding marketing tool for your job search (a very professional, well written and keyword rich resume) and train you in all the latest techniques in search using some of the best tools in the industry, starting with LinkedIn. She is very sharp, easy to work with and creates a great work dynamic for her and her client to work within.

Without a doubt, I would highly recommend her and her company when searching for these types of programs. She is very perfection driven and works very hard on behalf of her clients so that they win in the market with their search efforts.”

Gary P.  President, Fintech

“Hi Carol, I wanted to drop you a short note and say “Thank you!” for rehabbing my resume. I’m delighted with the final version. The fact is, I’d not updated my resume since selling my company in 2005 and I needed a fresh perspective. Carol, you were exceptional at word-smithing my background to craft the right message for a guy with extensive start-up and big company experience as well as important and relevant charitable affiliations. Also, you expressed this using a presentation style that is current and ideal for a C-level executive.”

Glen F.  Managing Partner, Marketing & Innovation

“There are many people in the business of writing resumes and providing job search advice—but none of them compare to Carol. This isn’t just a business for her—it’s a quest to help you, and she offers much more than the transactional relationship I’ve experienced from others in this field.

She partners with you, and coaches you in a way that leaves you better off. She doesn’t just add in some power phrases and keywords to your resume and LinkedIn profile—through an in-depth interview process she carefully crafts a targeted and concise description of your value, designed to appeal to your audience. In addition, she provides insight and guidance so you can be successful in your search after her work is done.

And Carol is diligent about her work—she schedules carefully and delivers promptly. It is the optimal blend of efficiency, support, and output that can quickly get you on the right track.

Engage with Carol—you’ll be glad you did!”

Joe C.  Vice President, Fundraising & Operations

“Carol completely re-branded me and all of my professional information including my Executive Resume, Cover Letters, Executive Bio and LinkedIn Profile. I contacted Carol after working through my career search for a year and a half, with no successes. Shortly after Carol completed her work, I was offered multiple jobs and now have secured an awesome new position because of her. And the inquiries keep coming! If you are thinking about a transition, or know of someone looking to make a move – they can only benefit from Carol and her team.”

Vincent N.  Vice President, Healthcare Technology

“Over the past year I have received many interviews based on my resume. Although I know it is the experience and education that ultimately made their decision; the style and organization of the content, I feel, played a large role in getting it in front of the right people. Before using your services, I was not getting any interviews. 

I have recently accepted an Executive-level position with a Fortune 10 corporation. During the first interview, the hiring manager commented on my excellent resume, which got his attention.

The only regret that I have is that I did not pay for your interview and other services initially because I might have actually gotten my dream-role sooner!"

Wendy T.  Digital Marketing Director

“I just wanted to tell you that I got a job offer in February and just started last week. It is the best job with the most money I have ever made. I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance. Very happy!”

Laura L.  Chief Networking Officer (CNO)

“Working with Carol was personally delightful and professionally rewarding. She took a 35+ year career and crafted a resume and profile that is relevant and to the point. She works really hard to articulate your strengths to perfection. I highly recommend her to others (and have!)”

S.G.  Talent Development Leader

“The methods and techniques that were used through the resume and search boot camp gave me the confidence to broaden my network. I received results in less than 24 hours of "going live" with my updated profile, resume and employment search techniques. This has been a great experience."

John J.  Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Financial Technology

“Carol is a top-notch professional. Her experience and expertise have been invaluable to me as I move on to the next stage of my career. Her process is thorough and diligent and gets results. I highly recommend her.”

Jerry R.  SVP of Marketing

“It was a true pleasure working with Carol on my career search. Carol is a real mentor and coach. She leans in and helps on all aspects of a career search. The value she brings far outstrips the cost. Highly recommended!"

E. K.  Digital Marketing VP

“I’ve been so busy working over the past years, I hadn’t taken the time to market myself. I entrusted Carol to help me get my career accomplishments in order. As a digital marketer, I understand the importance of search engine optimization and today’s job search requires the same of our online career profiles. Carol created a keyword rich profile that enabled me to be found by the right hiring managers and recruiters.

The results? I had been applying with my legacy resume throughout the build process and did not even get a single response. Upon receiving the updated resume and profile, I had an inquiry within 3 days. My profile views in LinkedIn went through the roof and I moved from the top 16% of all my connections to top 8%. Within my company, I moved from the top 10% to the top 1%. Bottom line… Carol knows what she is doing!”

Steve P.  Culinary Operations Executive & Corporate Chef

“I wanted to thank you for the work you did on my resume, bio, and profile, as it was truly a pleasure to work with you! Your sincere and genuine approach to helping me build my brand while highlighting my accomplishments was greatly appreciated. The interest you took in getting to know me as well as what I was looking to achieve was a surprise, creating a welcomed sense of partnership on this project. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship as my career continues to evolve thanks to you and the work you provided!”

Greg M.  President & Co-founder, Big Data

“Carol is a highly insightful person, highly experienced in social media and online recruiting practices. Her patient yet straight forward approach to educating her clients and enhancing their use of social media has been invaluable to me and the clients I continue to refer to her. You will see results immediately from her work.”

J. W.  General Corporate Counsel

“You continue to rock. The feedback from both the resume and LinkedIn has been overwhelming. Once LinkedIn went up, I had 5 interviews in 4 days. Thanks for all of your help!”

Jeff C.  President & CEO, Enterprise Software

“Carol’s help was extremely beneficial in communicating how I can add value to potential clients and employers. She is a gifted communicator who is skilled at making sure the right message is delivered.

Since utilizing Carol’s services, my profile views and contacts from potential clients and recruiters have increased significantly. I secured a new advisory role as a result of the increased attention, and have several strong leads in the funnel.

I also enjoyed the warm and pleasant manner in which Carol pointed out many areas where I was communicating the wrong message without knowing it. It is hard to deliver constructive feedback, and Carol is an expert at it.”

Joel C.  Founder & CTO

“I followed your advice. I reached out to a Senior Vice President using your intro email from our training session.

He got right back to me! I mailed the same guy last year and didn’t hear a word. Unreal.”

Carter P.  President, Finance & Transportation

“Carol is a true professional. She delivers a high quality product and her advice was incredibly insightful and relevant. I found her to be reliable as to deliverables and she met every deadline. Could not be happier with her work!”

Jeff S.  Founder & EVP, Retail Analytics & eCommerce

“Carol did a great job with my personal LinkedIn profile, as well as putting together a resume for my daughter who had just graduated from college. I highly recommend Carol to make your LinkedIn profile look its best.”

Mike L.  Regional Vice President

“After 20+ years in the workforce and a couple job searches under my belt from times past, I felt ready to tackle my current job search. As a hiring manager myself I was armed with the knowledge of what effective and poor resumes looked like. I had great prior experiences and successes to tout, and my career reflected an upward trajectory. I was confident I would find something great quickly which was bolstered by the outplacement services provided by my prior employer (one of the blue-chip OSPs in the industry).

Almost a year of searching came and went with only a couple opportunities along the way. Frustration and anxiety increased as the months went by. I was doing everything the outplacement firm taught me to do, and the OSP provided me with their “certified effective resume.” I didn’t understand why I was having such a difficult time finding my next opportunity…until I found Carol Sosalla and her company Hit Interview!

I didn’t know Carol, but after connecting with her on LinkedIn, reading about her and her company, and speaking on the phone with her briefly, I knew after 10 minutes that she could reignite my job search campaign by dramatically improving my marketing tools, give me the motivation I needed to retrench and relaunch my campaign, and most importantly, help me understand how to job search in 2015 rather than 1990 like I had been instructed in the past. Let’s face it, much has changed in the business world over the last 25 years, but job search has changed tremendously in just the last 3-5 years. Carol is highly in tune with those changes, and has the knowledge and expertise that will help you conduct an effective job search in today’s, competitive, and highly automated job market. She is not only knowledgeable, but she is supremely professional. She commits to and delivers on her deadlines. The only surprise you’ll get from her is when the quality of her deliverables are beyond your expectations.

If you’re conducting a job search today, are you going to hire a resume writer whose methods and techniques are stale and ineffective, or are you going to hire someone who is in tune with what works today? I made a great choice in hiring Carol. Don’t make a bad choice – your career is at stake!”

S. C.  Director, Global Sales

“What sets Carol apart from others is her effort to get to know the nuts and bolts of your experience. She does this by not only establishing a collaborative partnership with you, she creates a proprietary customized questionnaire tailored to your experience, accomplishments and successes provided to her from not only your resume but from your LinkedIn profile as well. She is then able to create an impactful story through a revised resume format that will resonate with hiring managers, recruiters and most importantly, is ATS (applicant tracking system) compliant. It is through her business model that helped me land my new career with an established, respected and the largest luxury multi brand hotel operator in the world.”

K. U.  VP, Enterprise Sales

“The resume and LinkedIn changes you provided are already paying big dividends! I have had a number of inquiries and interviews which have come from those reviewing my LinkedIn profile. One of those companies is in fact LinkedIn!! Nothing could be a better endorsement of your work than that. Thank you.”

Anthony A.  CFO

“Hit Interview will always be my top choice for career related services. I asked Hit Interview to help me redesign my resume following a string of disappointments by several resume writers. Carol, Hit Interview’s CEO, personally worked with me to transform my resume and put my job search back on track.

Carol is very professional, thorough, courteous and trustworthy. I particularly found her resume questionnaire tool very effective at helping me to think through my accomplishments and achievements. Her friendly disposition helped me to open up about my job search aspirations, which helped me immensely in providing quality answers. Carol effectively manages delivery expectations by setting the deadlines and meeting them without excuses. Given my past experiences, that was a breath of fresh air.

I am so pleased with the excellent job she’s done on my resume. The whole experience of working with her and the quality of resume she produced exceeded my expectations. The natural thing for me to do was to ask her to also rewrite my official executive bio and cover letter, and that is what I did.”

Mike D.  Vice President of Sales

“Focused, calculated and strategic are the three words that immediately come to mind when I think of Carol Sosalla. She is absolutely remarkable when it comes to putting together a game plan strategy to help enable you to market yourself the right way to the right people at the same time. Carol did a phenomenal job with my LinkedIn profile, resume and cover letter. Her uncanny skill to design a portfolio for me was lifesaving for me. I had been involved with other people that claim they can do what Carol did for me but they could not carry her lunch when it comes to putting together the right pieces of information I provided her, in the right places to gain the most powerful impact possible from a marketing standpoint for myself looking for a new job opportunity.

Carol’s ability to do things when she says she is going to do things as far as scheduling appointments, calls or to do actions on her behalf were second to none. It was quite wonderful to just provide Carol with all the information I could regarding myself and my current situation and to see her develop not only a strategy, Carol produced the most articulate resume for me, which included all of the “KEY” words or phrases these internet search engines recognize when they sort through all of the thousands of resumes online.

Lastly, I would like to say that not only am I thrilled with what Carol has done for me, but her professional behavior along with her comforting sense of humor was “priceless”.”

Jon D.  Global Web Director

“Working with Carol proved to be the best decision I have made this year. Her skill in understanding where I’ve been and where I was heading was incredible. Leveraging her experience in digital networking as well as trusting her expertise on the importance and health of your personal brand proved to be priceless as I started the search for my next opportunity.

I would highly recommend Carol as the partner of choice as your next career strategist.”

Mark D.  Law Firm Partner, Commercial Litigation

“Carol brings much more to the table than just helping to develop an excellent resume and LinkedIn profile. Her in depth knowledge of networking and the recruiting, hiring, and search process makes her an invaluable ally for anyone seeking to make a job or career change. She will help you make the best use of your time in finding opportunities, and help you make a solid presentation when you find them.

Carol’s telephone conference helped with my interview immensely – even though the interviewer didn’t ask behavioral questions, I was still able to work the points we developed together into the conversation. The interviewer kept saying: “Oh, you just so totally get it – you’ll be perfect for this job.” I assume that interviewers don’t make statements like that when they are thinking in the back of their minds that they’ll have to move on to the next candidate pronto.”

Phil M.  Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

“I was having difficulty telling my own story—ironic, given that telling stories is what I do for a living. Fortunately, I found Carol. Simply by asking the right questions, Carol teased out of me all sorts of things that I’d either underestimated the importance of or outright forgotten. With that information in hand, Carol crafted an entirely new resume for me that actually made me look as qualified as I believed I was. Interest and attention in me immediately went up and I have her to thank for it. So thanks, Carol.”

D.S.  Senior Vice President, Technology

“Carol’s expertise has been transformational in effectively branding myself and helped to “dial in” all the critical communications during my job search. During the interactive process to develop my LinkedIn profile and the associated training- I gained important insights on everything from getting the right professional photo, to leveraging social selling techniques to boost my online job search. With a new Executive Bio, Resume and LinkedIn Profile, I’m confident in what I’m doing, and have been much more effective in the use of my time.”

John K.  Vice President Product Development & Engineering

“Everyone is busy, and looking for the perfect company, but it is hard to change gears and put a resume and social media package together for your target companies that will make an impact. With a plethora of resume services out there, which one do you choose and can trust? Well Carol Sosalla was a diamond in a pile of coal that made an impact for my career search. Carol’s extreme knowledge, experience and professionalism made this journey a lot easier than I thought it would be. I have never been happier and feel extremely confident now that my profile is ready to rock.

Thanks Carol for making this a pleasant experience. You have my full recommendation and I will be telling others about your service.”

Bryan S.   Risk, Resiliency, & Corporate Security

“While I’ve always been a strong networker with a deep background of success in a number of roles, I’ve never been very good at telling my story effectively through my resume or LinkedIn profile.

Carol was able to quickly understand my professional goals, my current skill set, and what I would need to portray publicly in order to achieve those goals. She crafted a resume, updated my LinkedIn profile, and generated a cover letter template that has gotten results every single time I’ve applied for a role.

In a matter of just a few weeks, using the material that Carol prepared – along with the skills she taught me in a brief training session – I’ve had a number of interviews for roles that were a great fit for my goals.

I would highly recommend Carol for anyone considering pursuing a new role!”

Michael M.  Vice President, Business Development

“I have always been reluctant to hire someone to help with my career search. After reviewing Carol’s web site and an initial consultation, I decided to take a leap a faith. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Carol can help any level person navigate all aspects of the career search process, providing insider tips on resume screening, LinkedIn networking and how to search for and then research a position. She does all of this expediently, with a wealth of knowledge & expertise and for a price which is a phenomenal value. Unlike the piranhas out there, Carol does not charge by your wealth or expected earnings, rather an extremely reasonable flat fee for service performed.

In just the few days since my LinkedIn profile has been up and running I am seeing a huge increase both in quantity and quality of profile views. I cannot recommend Carol highly enough.”

Fred H.  Sales Business Manager

“Carol has been a tremendous partner on my journey to update and reflect upon my past accomplishments and to plan for future opportunities/endeavors. Carol is a true professional who puts her clients first, delivers on time, and with her creative perspective, sets her clients up for success and to stand out from the crowd. She is one of those rare gems that not only takes the time to listen, but to truly understand- which in my book is priceless. I highly recommend Carol to anyone seeking a career coach.”

Mary K.  Senior Technical Advisor

“Within one month of using my new resume developed with Hit Interview, I had a signed offer and position promotion to “Senior” Advisor. Previously, I spent countless hours trying to update my resume, but ended up frustrated with a confusing array of details. After just a short phone call, Carol produced a resume and sample cover letter that highlighted more than 10 years of growing experience and provided me with an easily adaptable format that I could refine and tailor to any position. Carol also provided cutting edge job seeking advice during the process that helped me to transition to a new geographic area.”

Steve E.  CEO

“Carol is a real pro when it comes to LinkedIn and resume writing. She thinks outside the box and gets things done well, when she says she will. She is a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend Carol.”

David G.  Business Development Director

“I have had the experience of working directly with Carol on the branding and presentation of my career path materials, including my resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and strategic career advice. When I was introduced to Carol my first impression was personable, polished and professional. Carol uncovers all of the important details in your background and creates a truly customized profile for your career search needs. You can cut corners on some things in life but not your career search, the image created puts you on top of the stack which is highly necessary in this competitive market. I HIGHLY recommend Carol to help with your success.”

Richard H.  Senior UX / UI Team Lead

“Carol brought a breath of confidence into my search efforts. “To believe in myself and that my past accomplishments were a meaningful story to tell.”

She was able to provide top-notch deliverables and professional training that refined my message and targeted my goals. She listened carefully from the beginning, crafting custom questions, and then worked with me to formulate a compelling profile and resume. In addition, she guided me through the process for an effective interview execution. The result was a new position within two months, far exceeding my original goals.

I cannot fully express my gratitude and new found confidence in the marketplace. I would recommend Carol’s services to any of my colleagues who want to advance in their next career endeavors.”

Paula S.  Project Manager

“Remember the hidden job market? Carol showed me how to find it in these new, social media, internet times. She is an absolute professional: Knows her business inside and out, is a fabulous trainer, and most important, she means what she says and says what she means. When she says she will deliver your document(s) to you on a certain day by a certain time, she does exactly that. I cannot begin to express the amazing job she did bringing out my skills and who I am professionally on my resume and LinkedIn profile. Similarly, the cover letter she wrote, along with the extensive instructions on how to use it properly, is fantastic. I have held many positions during the course of my career, and up until a few years ago, I was fairly skilled at finding employment. Carol turned a lot of what I knew on its head, and as a result, my job search is directed appropriately and my wheels have stopped spinning. If you need to find employment in this difficult economy, or are pursuing a promotion at your current company, you need Carol. In my estimation, she probably one of the best career coaches in the world.”

R. L.  Vice President Consulting Services

“I’d like to thank you for your work on my resume and LinkedIn profile. The Hit Interview forms made me go back to results I had achieved in the past that I had forgotten. The final work was a results oriented resume that really shows off my accomplishments and my strengths in a clear way. I would do it again and recommend your services to anyone looking for a professional resume. Also, the suggestions and strategies to use the Internet during my searching process and how to contact executives were a nice added touch. Thank you.”

G. C.   Financial Operations Director

“Hope this message finds you well. I wanted to thank you for helping me out. I love the new job. When asked why they hired me, they said “everything in your summary.” Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks again.”

Ava M.  Founder & CEO

“Carol helped me with my profile! The results are amazing. I look better on paper now I think :) Thank you Carol! You’ve made it so easy for me to create a noticeable LinkedIn professional profile and LinkedIn business page that has increased my business revenue tremendously!”

Marc F.  Vice President, Marketing & Operations

“Carol is an incredible talent – the best in the business at her trade. Dynamic, passionate and direct – my experience working with Carol was an “A+” as she is just such a gifted coach.”