Resume Writing & Design

Resume Writing & Design


Hit Interview will guide you through our proven, results driven process to build a high performance resume that best tells your professional story. Hit Interview’s Executive Resume Writing & Design Service is geared toward: C-level, executive leadership, VPs, directors, board members, founders/co-founders, business owners, consultants, or current executive candidates.

Our Resume Writing and Design Service provides:

  1. Content Development – Based on a one-on-one career consultation, Hit Interview develops a customized Q&A. The process has been painstakingly refined to draw out and develop your best material, uncover vital keywords, and showcase your skills and achievements.

  2. ATS Compatibility – 65% percent of companies and most large corporations use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen candidates and hire new employees. If your resume isn’t designed with an ATS in mind, your application can fall into that ‘black hole’ where you never get a response. Unfortunately, 75% of applicants fail when it comes to ATS compatibility. Hit Interview will create a resume formatted and structured to ensure ATS compatibility, giving you a substantial competitive advantage.

  3. Proprietary Design – We incorporate proprietary resume features, content strategies, and keywords for a dynamic resume that performs well, both in person and online. Hit Interview also incorporates design elements based on behavioral principles, to get you past the early ’fast glance’ treatment used by recruiters and HR.

  4. Multiple File Formats – You will receive your new resume in three file formats, with instructions to ensure that you select the best version for every situation.

Every situation is unique. If you have special requirements or need assistance in selecting the best product mix for you, please contact us for a personalized consultation.

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