New Website and Blog Launch

Welcome to the new home for Hit Interview and the launch of our blog! Some of my goals were to make this site clear, attractive and easy to navigate. If you take a look around, I think you’ll get a good feel for Hit Interview and what we do as a company.

Because it’s a window of opportunity, running with bad advice will hurt you most in a situation like finding your next position. At times I’ve cringed when reading an interviewing advice article or the latest “top five things” hiring post. Moving forward, I’m committed to posting new content to help job seekers come out on top. Solid, actionable information has been the driving idea behind Hit Interview and I look forward to helping even more people with our articles.

The hardest part of this launch project was to continue releasing high quality work to our existing clientele and simultaneously work on the new website. We made it. The vivid nightmare where I’m hiding out in Cleveland under an assumed name never came true. I’d like to thank our clients and everyone that helped make Hit Interview what it is today. Hearing about your success has always fueled us forward – here’s to your future being brighter than ever.

Carol Sosalla